The ALTIOM3i has a dedicated microprocessor which users can program to act as an input / output device. The ALTIOM3i connects to devices locally, or communicates with the wider care community using cloud technology.

There are a number of assistive technology devices available, but, until now, these have not been ‘joined up’ with a building management system.

Think of the ALTIOM as a powerful yet simple way to monitor and manage a range of sensors that can be assigned to an individual and personalised for their use. Once programmed the ALTIOM can operate local devices, log all activity and communicate to the wider care community.

The 3i has three locally connected inputs; for example, bed / chair sensor, PIRs, accelerometers, fall alerts, pill dispensers, in fact any device that can give a trigger signal.

When the status of an input device changes that creates an ‘event’. Events can be programmed to generate ‘actions’; for example, turn light on, call nurse or carer, send a text, sound an alarm or any other action performed by its inbuilt control system. Events can be logically combined using ‘and’, ‘or’ or using timers.

All events are logged, making the 3i a very powerful assessment monitoring and evidencing tool. The information is available in real time and historically.

Local and remote control are available. As soon as a connection to the internet is made the controller is visible to those with authorisation  and can be activated and reprogrammed accordingly. There is 128 bit encryption to protect all data.

The system has a programming suite to allow inputs/actions/events etc to be changed, either locally or remotely and multiple ALTIOMs can be seen in a ‘dashboard view’ designed for nurse stations. This means that the combination of inputs and outputs are bespoke and programmed according to individual needs.